Movie art for The Bunny Game


Constantine: Futures End #1
∟ art by, Juan Ferreyra


A little update on The Harbinger…it’s come a loooong way since I dreamed it up some time a year ago, what was originally supposed to be a mini online comic I was putting together for the fun of it turned into this totally elaborate folk-tale-thing(?) that had one too many back stories to fit into a single tumblr photo post. Out of all the changes, the character of Leaf (pronounced “LEE-iff” for those who’ve been asking) needed the most work, since his motive and feelings move the entire story. Aside from some wardrobe adjustments, I had to age him down some, to fit the vision I have in my head - because, I mean essentially the story is about a young boy, who bargains away his life too soon.


Muri, hi you don’t know me but I just wanna let you know that Chandrani is like…the most gorgeous character ever.



Art by Serena Malyon

rebloging this again. this picture is seriously freaking me out, I got goose bumps >.<